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After spending 10 plus years as a Christian rock singer and touring around the United States, I decided to step away from music.  It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but after only a few months after calling it quits I was being swamped with emails and messages from people who were hurting and needed help.  

Just like I had given my all to my music career, I wanted to give my all to fans and friends who needed help, so I began to pursue a second degree in Biblical Counseling.  Two years later I opened my own private practice that continues to grow and I have the privilege of counseling people all over the United States.

Then finally in 2022 I took the next step in helping people and began REAL TALK on youtube.  Real Talk became my way of using my voice to help people see the Truth through the lies.  I began to speak on a wide variety of topics, but always looking at them through the lens of scripture.  I am excited to see this platform grow and to see people helped and impacted by the Gospel.



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